Nov 082013

Came across this interesting little story this afternoon before writing: I, Robprof: FBI feared much-loved science fiction author Isaac Asimov was Soviet agent.

Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently there were some members of the F.B.I. who believed Isaac Asimov was a Soviet spy. I can’t add much to the story. What can you say? At least Hoover seemed to see this for what it was… crap. Maybe they were peeved because Asimov was correct on some things they were not? And how long did it take before they finally discovered Robert Hansseen, one of their own, sending the Soviets volumes of material from within their midst? Yep, 22 years. It makes you stand in agonized wonder.

There is a novel buried in this true-life tale. The question is whether it should be a dramatic spy tale or a hilarious comedy. Tough choice… very tough.

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