Aug 052014

As I sit down in front of the computer for the evening/morning writing session, it occurs to me that I should update everyone on my status.

Yeah, yeah, I know. It is late… very late if you count the fact that I did not post an update at all last week.

Now, a bit of news. “The Specialists #4” has been moved up and placed on the production board. I decided I wanted to do the fourth “The Specialists” story before I began work on the previously scheduled “Untitled Science-Fiction Project #1” which does, in fact, have a title… I’m just not telling. “The Specialists 4” outline and storyline have come together very easily the past two weeks and I decided I was in the mood to go with it early even though I don’t have a title for it yet.

Finally, for all practical purposes the “Untitled Contemporary Fiction Project” has been shelved. I didn’t like it. 😉

And so it goes…

The Specialists: Rogue (a.k.a. The Specialists #3)

81% complete!

The Specialists #4: Untitled

In R & D!

Untitled Contemporary Fiction Project

44% complete!

Untitled Science-Fiction Project #1

In R & D!

Untitled Science-Fiction Project #2

In R & D!

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