Jul 072014

I will be trying to get a handle on a more honest estimate of where we stand on completing “The Specialists: Rogue.” 92% complete is optimistic… to say the least. However, based on my original target that is where we are at. I am lousy at setting targets. I do a rough outline of the plot and base my target length on that. I was pretty close on “The Specialists: At Any Cost” and “The Specialists: Sex, Spies and Lies.” Those were much easier to estimate since they were adaptations of previous versions. I am also a victim of character rebellion. I do the rough outline, make my estimate and start writing. Then the characters take over. They move the plot. I tell the story as it unfolds. I do not force it. I do not pad it. I do not prematurely clip it. I simply tell it… and get in trouble with grossly inaccurate estimates of length and completion deadlines. This is literary Hell. I love it.

The Specialists: Rogue (a.k.a. The Specialists #3)

92% complete!

Untitled Contemporary Fiction Project

44% complete!

Untitled Science-Fiction Project #1

In R & D!

Untitled Science-Fiction Project #2

In R & D!

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