Oct 042013

The post below is a partial repost from another blog, Cyber Hermit, where I had originally unveiled the cover art for “The Specialists: At Any Cost.” It gives a bit of the history that eventually brought about the “revival” of “The Specialists.” I thought it needed to be here as well.

The Specialists-AAC-v9-editedv2-FBTW-533x800

Some of you may remember a webcomic I did many years ago, 2003 to 2005, called “The Specialists”… most of you will not. However, though it was small, its following was very devoted. I loved the discussions and debates about the characters, the good guys, the bad guys, etc. we would have in the forums. And I loved those who read “The Specialists.” Due to a number of personal issues “The Specialists” webcomic ceased production. However, I could never quite bring myself to bury it. Too many stories. Too many characters. With the ongoing revolution in ebook publishing, I saw an opportunity and decided late last year to bring it back as a novella series. It is my hope to produce four or five installments each year. The first installment is ready to release with the next two in various stages of completion. I posted an image of the cover art for the first installment yesterday on my Facebook page. A promotional video has been completed and should be available soon. I will embed and/or link to it here.

And, please, feel free to visit, follow and friend me on Facebook and Twitter. A Facebook page dedicated to “The Specialists” is also up and running at https://www.facebook.com/pbwellsthespecialists.

P.S. – For those that do remember “The Specialists” from the webcomic, “The Specialists: At Any Cost” is an adaptation of the first story arc that was originally titled “The Specialists: A Reasonable Chance of Success.”

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