Nov 292013

I am suffering something of a setback today courtesy of my local power company- Indiana & Michigan Electric. It appears they thought today would be a good day to play “Musical Electricity.” We have experienced at least six power outages since about 4:00 p.m. yesterday. No explanation from our beloved I&M. One advantage of being a monopoly is that you do not have to give explanations. Or answers. Or even care.

I admit a certain paranoia at having the power constantly kicking off and on. Computers can be such sensitive creatures. I have visions of mine melting down at I&M’s constant teasing. I have those visions because it has happened in the past. I have also learned that lack of power makes writing a bit more difficult. The computer seems to think it needs electricity to function. I have no idea where my very old manual typewriter is. The last time I saw it I believe it was in the garage somewhere… sulking. I am thinking that maybe I will simply scribble a few outlines the rest of the day and hope that the cruel gods at I&M decide we deserve some semblance of reliability tomorrow. I am not hopeful. Gods and I have not historically gotten along very well.

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